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Rock solid hosting, text-to-speech, social media integration. All yours, all included.

The content on your website can be read out loud by a voice in your local accent.

This can be accomplished by either clicking the text-to-speech (headphones) icon in the "transform" section, or by appending "?tts=true" to a url, to trigger text-to-speech automatically as soon as the page is loaded.
[url=http://1stbase.ai/package/features/social-media-integration][size=175]social media integration[/size][/url]

1stbase can customise and push out your news to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as RSS.

It even suggest a Tweet for you and shows you which keywords are trending at the moment.


1stbase includes rock-solid, enterprise grade, high availability hosting with Amazon Web Services.

We always make sure your 1stbase presence has the bandwidth and CPU power required to serve your audience.

As opposed typical cheap hosting packages, we don't cram many users into one single server at once and hope for the best!